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art student.
freelance model.
likes cool stuffs.
hates being bored.
into horror and gore films.
an explorer,adventurer.

Nov. 20, 12

01:10 AM

where did it go?

Today I think I have given up. I’m still not sure.. Maybe its just my emotions that distracts my mind..the way I think and the way I see things. I’m in trouble with myself right now, I can’t even put up a happy face..everytime I stop I just break down and cry. It is breaking me into pieces, it makes me weak.. It kills me.

All my patience, faith and strength are all gone now. I’m still lucky that I can still manage to help myself calm even just a little bit. I don’t even expect people to comfort me because im the one who usually do that to people. Yeah I guess..its actually my job. But..what about me this time? I’m always the one who helps, always the one who understands, always the one who gives and always the one who seems to care. I feel like im in an empty soul is lost..dont know where to go..what to do..when to stop sailing in a vast thought.. I guess its just myself now. No one can’t seem to understand me. Or maybe its just hard to explain..hard to express ..or maybe there is nothing to express… Because I am EMPTY.


Jul. 31, 12

10:58 PM

his eyes, they are pretty.

his eyes, they are pretty.


Jul. 26, 12

11:16 AM

I just dunno what Fuckery im doin.oatmeal+coco crunch+shaved chocolates+crushed almonds+condensed milk
and cappuccino as beverage! 

I just dunno what Fuckery im doin.

oatmeal+coco crunch+shaved chocolates+crushed almonds+condensed milk

and cappuccino as beverage! 


11:15 AM

First Attempt to sketch boyfie—Not Bad? :D 

First Attempt to sketch boyfie—
Not Bad? :D


Jul. 15, 12

01:29 AM


These 8-Bit Butcher Diagrams Make Me Wonder What Koopa Tastes Like

Check out these illustrations by Jude Buffum for Giant Robot’s “Pixel Pushers” show sponsored by Scion.

From the artist:

I decided to explore the carnivorous side of the world of video games. Though I am still a meat eater, I have a lot of vegan friends and have been exploring the ethical, environmental, and health impact of consuming an animal-based diet. That, and my long-time obsession with butcher diagrams, were the inspiration for this series.

If someone told me they had a long-time obsession with butcher diagrams, I’d probably expect them to be a serial killer, so I’m glad Mr. Buffum channels his energy into making sweet art instead of cutting people up. At least as far as we know.

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01:28 AM


Video Game vs. Real Life

Created by Dorkly

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Jul. 13, 12

08:47 AM


3D Mario Bros. Mural

Created by Alfonso Mellone

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08:32 AM

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08:21 AM

what if the second movie sully opens the door and boos twerking

(via ruinedchildhood)

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08:20 AM





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